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December 30, 2023

Dear mum,

I am still shocked that it is 15 years already since you left me down here. How are you holding up and what is happening up there? It has been a crazy time for us this past year because of a deadly virus. A lot of people died and the world is still suffering from it. At least you do not get to see all that now. I am sorry I always bring you bad news from down here even though I was hoping not to share any more bad news with you this year.

AAP and Zoe

I am sure you, dad and step mum have all met up and perhaps living in the same house up there. I am sure God can organise that for you guys. Remember when IΒ wrote you last year right?

I brought some more news for you this year which will make you smile. I know you keep blaming yourself for leaving me but please worry not. Grab a glass of drink, cross your legs, and hear the sweet gist.

So you know I told you I was now married to an amazing woman who challenged and pushed me to start a PhD right? We are already a year plus into our marriage and damn!! It has been nothing short of amazing. We still get to piss each other off once in a while though but is that not what you and Dad used to do sometimes?πŸ˜€. Anyways make sure you do not do it up there. We are allowed to down here. lol. Now the big news, are you ready mum? We now have a beautiful daughter (Zoe Ana Chimdindu). Please do not ask me the meaning of the names because I know you guys have free wifi up there. Just google itπŸ˜€. Ohh!! She is so adorable and reminds me of you and your charming smile. Now you see why I say you should not worry right? I have 2 ladies looking after me now. They are so lovely and kind to me. Bless them!!. Now see how you are smiling, I knew you were gonna get excited.

Ezinne & Zoe

Now brace up for the next one. Oh!! You thought I was finished? Get yourself another glass of drink for this one. Last year I told you how Squeezim( Anizoba Ezinne Zine-Zi ) pushed me to start a PhD right? What I did not tell you was that my research is on the same disease that took you away from me.😭. I am happy I get to do this research and hope that my research will prevent many people from losing their mothers like I did. Now you do not need to worry too much because I am doing my bit to make the world safer and better. What makes my program even more interesting is the amazing holistic support I enjoy from my 2 supervisors Dr. Julie Anne King and Dr. Jo. Durham. Please appear in their dreams and thank them both for being so kind to me on my journey. Please do not scare them, wear white clothes onlyπŸ˜€.

I am glad I made you smile and happy in my letter unlike the previous ones where you shed a tear with some of the bad news I brought.

I do not wanna keep you any longer because I know you are also busy but remember to always put in a word for me during your daily meeting with God. It looks like your intercession is working. How else do you explain the unmerited favors, blessing, and growth that I enjoy?

15 years ago you left me while I was still in high school but look at me now, your son is on his way to bagging a PhD.

will bring more news to you next year when I write you.

Be rest assured that Junior will make you proud.

Love you loads.

Your son