A REFLECTION (9/07/2020)

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Dear friend,

What do you currently think of your past employers?

What do you currently think of the friends you grew up with?

What do you currently think of your classmates who have not been fortunate to get a job or further their education?

Do you think you are better because you are now doing a PhD and they are not?

Have you kept away from your past networks because you have attained a new status in life?

Hear me now:

Do not be entirely misled into thinking you are successful because you worked hard. You are successful because they supported you on your journey.

Your past employer wrote that reference for you.
Your friends helped shape your personality.
Your classmates were there with you studying every night.

You are not better, it is just your time. Use it for postive impact.

Keep them close. You needed them to get to where you are. You might need them again.

Make no mistake, I am not exonerated.

Reflect and be better.



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