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Dear friends,

I come with 2 points today:

1. “In the professional world, we are all commodities, sell yourself or remain UNBOUGHT”. (AAP, 2017)

2. “We all own a NET, simply make yours functional by putting it to WORK; its functionality will be reflected on the fishes (opportunities) caught…NET-WORK” (AAP, 2017)

AAP and Daughter

2nd pic (an imagined conversation)

Daughter: Hey dad, where are you going all dressed up like this?

AAP: I am going to school to study.

Daughter: Do you have to go?

AAP: Yes, if I do not go, I will not be paid my stipends as a scholarship student and it means there will be no money for your food. Would you like that?

Daughter: No dad, you can stay in school until tomorrow😀 (I think she is more concerned about her food and not my PhD)😀

#AAPTalks #CommunityDevelopmentWorker #Aa2Zi

✂️AAhashem Agwai

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