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AAP in the pillars 2

A few weeks back, I was approached by the Editor in Chief of “The Pillars”, a publication of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Christ (ERCC) Youth Fellowship.

In his words”

“I’ve been following your posts on social media especially Twitter and I can only thank God for your life. Thank you for all you give to us free of charge. Thank you for being an inspiration. We will like you – if it will not be too much to ask of you – to write an article to be published in this magazine.”

In agreement with the editor in chief, we decided to share one of my articles/stories titled “Who is/are your mentor (s)?. This was a strategic choice because I shared my story about winning scholarships and ended by offering tips on how the readers can prepare towards following the same path I took. I also conveyed the significance of mentorship in life.

The front page of “The Pillars”

In my many years of writing, I have found that it is easier to convey a message via a story. This is why I share my stories-to inspire people.

If people have seen how you have done it and the results, they might just be motivated and inspired to do what you have done. This has produced results.

It was humbling to be featured in this magazine of the General Youth Council (GRC) which I learned enjoys a membership of about 15,000 people (rough estimate). If you get a copy, go straight to page 17.😀

This means my story may reach about 15,000 young people and who knows how many could be inspired?

Thank you Kuju Jalapa Eric for reaching out and featuring my story.

“Until we all win, no one has won”

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