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Dear friends,

I share my stories with the aim of inspiring people towards growth.

Anytime I share my story, I receive feedback and request for guidance across all my social media platforms. While the mentorship and guidance have been yielding results since 2017, I have not been faithful in sharing the successes. However, going forward, I have decided to share the good news as I receive them.

This is a lady whom I guided and assisted to review her scholarship essays. This evening she greeted me with an amazing news as seen in our chats. I have taken out her name for privacy and confidentiality reasons.

The reason for sharing my stories is already yielding results.

When we are done with Coronavirus in the coming months, she will be headed to the United States of America on a juicy scholarship.

Read our chat and I hope someone draws inspiration from this.

I felt so happy reading her chats this evening. This was not just her win. It was our win.😀.

“Until we all win, no one has won”(AAP,2020)

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