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Dear friends,

Few weeks ago I had written a short piece on how Squeezim changed the narrative of being a “Slay Queen”. How she has deliberately refused to slay with clothes, phones or gadgets, this woman right here slays with her brain. Whatever she sets her heart to do always comes out absolutely victorious.

Squeezim works too hard. I remember the sleepless nights. I remember how many times she finished a 12-hour shift and goes straight to the library, stay over the night in the library and head out for another 12hour shift the next morning. Anyways let me not dwell so much on that because I am compiling that story to share soon so stay tuned.

Ezinne and her mother during her M.Sc graduation

Ladies and Gentlemen, Men and Women, Boys and Girls, it is humbling to finally announce that all that paid off. Can I have a standing ovation for the realest Slay Queen; Pharm (Mrs.) Ezinne Lynda Anizoba- Philip who graduated as TOP graduating student (Magna Cum Laude) set 2018 M.Sc. Public Health-Health Promotion of Leeds Beckett University and got awarded the Dean’s Prize for Excellence. Now you know exactly what it means to be a slay Queen.

Squeezim (Ezinne posing for the camera)

Can I also announce that her slayness is uncontrollably contagious and because of her this year has been blessed. Have you ever heard the Biblical verse which says ” He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”?. I am sure you have and I will tell you precisely how I found that favour because of Squeezim. Simply stay tuned for the full gist soon but for now, help me congratulate the Slay Queen and please also say a prayer for her to keep ascending and growing in her career.

And before I forget, her darling mother was there with her. I am sure you know that a lion does not give birth to a pigeon? This is another woman I will share her story with you so stay tuned guys.

Congratulations to my Tall, elegant, ravishing, amazing, hardworking, Godfearing Bride.

Congratulations Mata. You have made us proud.

Chukwu gozie gi…

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