December 30, 2023

Daughter: Hey Dad, the last time we spoke, you claimed that if you do not go to school, your stipends will not be paid and I won’t get food to eat.

AAP: That is correct

Daughter: Okay, let us go to your school together today, I would like to contribute my bit.

AAP: That is a terrific idea, let us go then.

AAP and daughter at QUT library

Daughter: Dad, we have been here for a while now and all I can see are red chairs, tables and computers.
AAP: Yes this is my school library where I study before I can get paid.

Daughter: So where is the food?

AAP: Looks like you do not get my point, I come here to read after which I get paid my student’s stipend.
Daughter: So there is no food here?

AAP: No, just books and computers.

Daughter: Ohh!! So this was a waste of time? Where is my mother? I want to go home where I know there is food. You can stay here until next month. Keep reading though so that I can keep eating. You can see I am not smiling. Take me home NOW!

AAP: Yes ma.

As you can all see, my task for the month and the rest of the year is to keep reading so that someone else can keep eating😀.

What is your task for the month and the rest of the year?

Whatever it is, ensure to remain productive no matter how little the steps may be.
Remember, the SMALL steps taken today, may become your BIG win tomorrow.

Welcome to July and the 2nd half of 2021.

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📷 Squeezim (our mother)