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Daughter: Hi mum, please where did you say daddy is right now?

Mum: Oh!! He has a meeting with his supervisors in school.

Daughter: Are you sure because it is possible he used that as an excuse to run away from the house so that I do not disturb him.

Mum: No I don’t think so. He holds frequent meetings with his supervisors.

Daughter: It looks like you are not on my side here. Anyways there is only one way to find out. Take me to his school and supervisors office. I need to confirm you both are not lying.

Mum: Yes ma😀

Daughter: Hold up. Get me my bag and Take me a picture first but let me cover my face because I do not want dad to think I am smiling because I am not.😀

Mum: (Mum obeys and takes a picture)

Daughter covering her face

📷 :Squeezim (Mum)

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