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Dear Daughter,

The first year of your life has been really engaging, busy but absolutely beautiful. There was a blurry sense of uncertainty before your arrival but all the blurry scene has been replaced with a clear vision for what the future holds. It is clear that you came loaded with a contagious beauty that has rubbed off on Squeezim and I. Your incessant smiles and laughter communicate that clearly.

While I bask in the joy you came with, I will love to prepare your mind for our world. You have been born into an unequal world where the inequality gap is sickening. It a world where many people suffer in poverty while others have too much. It is a world where the Gender inequality gap lingers and regards women as second place citizens. It is a world where women suffer oppression across different fields. This is the extreme world you have been born into.

Forgive me for divulging too much scary information to you at this young age but you need to be prepared. While Squeezim and I work towards ensuring that you do not lack. I need you to always remember that there are people who are in poverty. Please remember them and give a helping hand ALWAYS. You must NEVER take what is not yours and ensure that what is meant for all gets to ALL. As you grow up, be sure to challenge every type of oppression and inequality especially that which suppresses the voice of women. Make your mark and make daily deliberate efforts to make our world better than you met it. Make no mistake, you will face massive challenges but as they come, remember that they are there to make you resilient & progressive.

I know this is not the type of scary letter you expected but being prepared will heal our world.

Be an advocate for good causes and NEVER allow anyone to be oppressed. Make sure that while you are winning, everyone around you is also winning.

This is HARD but know this, until we all win, no one has won.

Whenever it seems blurry, draw strength from the passion and focus your mother carries. She is GOLD.

Above all, remain GODful.

Happy Birthday.

Dad and Mum


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