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An argument between two friends

December 24, 2023

Yesterday, while on my way back from where I go every weekend. Though I was massively tired in the car, I listened to 2 friends argue:

Friend 1: You cannot trust women, they change so fast, she will change. They ALWAYS do (emphatically)
Friend 2: why? How do you mean?
Friend 1: They are moved by wealth & what they see so don’t trust them.
Friend 2: You mean EVERY woman?
Friend 1: 90% of them
Friend 2: hmmm, okay. I refuse to give in to your standpoint since there is a 10%.

Interesting yeah? I know! 

What to think of**

YES! Loads of Women/ men cheat but does that guarantee that you will/should cheat or will be cheated on?
YES! there are lots of divorced marriages, but does that mean your marriage will end too?
YES! 90% do it/this but isn’t there a 10% (just like my friend thought?)

For those familiar with research, GENERALIZATION may apply to QUANTITATIVE research, but does it apply to QUALITATIVE research? (Ans: No, it does not)

Until we empty ourselves of the rot that comes into us, we will only be living through the emptiness of that rot. Take charge in filling your emptiness and be prepared to live through it. Write your story!

Do not misconstrue this to think that we can’t learn from the experience of others, but don’t we need ours? 

YES! As beings, we are all socially constructed but to remain constructed and constructive, we must deconstruct what fails to construct us.

It was Socrates who said “I know that I know nothing” so we all know nothing Afterall.

At the end of the day, it’s an experiential life and we must personally live through it with all it offers or remain inexperienced. 


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