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AAP and Daughter

Daughter: Hey dad, you mentioned that you are a PhD student right?

AAP: Yes!!

Daughter: Okay, but how come it is taking you so long, you have been doing this PhD even before I was born and you are still doing it. Are you sure you are smart at all?

AAP: (Frowns) At least I was smart enough to marry your mother😀

Daughter: Oh yes! You got that one right but how come I finished my PhD before you because you usually say that I have a PhD in Scattering Engineering.

AAP: Oh yes! That is because it takes you only about 5minutes to SCATTER the whole house.

Daughter: (Frowns)

AAP: 😀 Why are you frowning? okay sorry. Come pose so that your mum can take us a picture😀. I will buy you coke later😀

Daughter: (forces a smile and poses for a photograph)

AAP and Daughter who is forcing a smile

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