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An imagined conversation and the definition of success.

December 30, 2023

AAP: Why do you have my student ID card and cap on?

Daughter: Because when I grow up, I will love to attend QUT too because they gave you a scholarship. Thanks to them, I get food to eat😀.

AAP: It does not work like that, as you grow up, your priorities might change and you may change your mind. Hold up, is this about food or about the fact that they gave me a scholarship?😀

Daughter: Dad, I think this conversation is over, take your cap and ID, let me go and meet my mother. I am hungry.

AAP’s daughter putting on her dads university cap and ID card

Dear friend,

What is your definition of success?

Is it getting a scholarship?
Is it securing a job?
Is it getting married?
Is it about eating like AAP’s daughter?

Success is subjective and fluid. It means different things and can change at different times.

Whatever definition you propose, ensure that it supports positive growth. While you are it, also aim to positively impact the lives of others.

And yes! Do not be distracted by other people’s definition of success. Maybe their definition of success means buying a car or buying a new phone.

As you grow, define what success means at every stage, it will help you remain focused in climbing your ladder of life.

Stay focused and keep growing.

You are successful.