September 10, 2023

Daughter: Hey dad! You have been pretending to be reading since morning so that I won’t disturb you right?

AAP: No! I am seriously reading. I need to send a draft to my supervisors. Can you not see the 2 books on Intersectionality that my supervisor gave me to read?

AAP and Daughter

Daughter: Why do you always have to send them drafts? Can you not tell them you were with me? In fact, carry me first. I want to sit on your laps while you read.

AAP: (shocked) How am I supposed to read with you on my laps now? If I do not send them drafts, it means I will not be progressing and you will not get money for your food.

Daughter: What? So your reading and drafts are connected to my food? This is serious.

AAP: Exactly, it is serious and that is why I am not laughing and I need you to go and meet your mother so that I can concentrate. Else there will be no food this week.

Daughter: (looks at her mother) Is there any way we can help dad to finish this draft and send it to his supervisor because I cannot risk not eating.

AAP: (looks at them without a smile) Yes! You and your mother should go out.😀

Daughter: But wait dad, can I play with your computer a bit?

AAP does not look happy but his daughter does not seem bothered.

AAP: (Dad frowns)

Daughter: (Quickly gets down from his lap) Sorry sir, we are leaving but make sure your draft is good enough because nothing must happen to my food.😀

📷 Squeezim (Our mother)

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