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In the midst of the global pandemic, world economies have suffered the hit, the health sectors have also not been exonerated.

The current plans as seen by most countries of the world is to open up gradually so that the economy does not bleed out while also adopting health strategies to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

The Federal Government of Nigeria through the Ministry of Education released a 52 page guideline for reopening of schools. With guidance from this guideline, the students in exit classes have been directed to return to school to prepare for their final examinations. While some people are critical of this move, others laud it. However, there are public health implications.

Aaron Akpu Philip being interviewed on Channels TV

This was the highlight of my guest appearance on ChannelsTelevision Nigeria where I posited the following:

1. Having guidelines is a great step but we must work towards effective implementation through to the end.

2. We must expand our testing capacities to cater for the huge Nigerian population.

3. While we open up schools, we must also deploy adequate prevention strategies in rural schools where there are less access to amenities.

4. While we open up for exit classes, we must also deploy disability inclusive strategies to accommodate students with disabilities.

5. Support to private schools who could have suffered more loss as a result of shortage of funding generated through fees.

6. We must backup this guideline with adequate funding to ensure swift implementation.

7. While we draw lessons from bigger economies/countries of the world, we must domesticate local and context-specific strategies that will work for Nigeria.

It was humbling to be invited to make this contribution.

Thanks to all those who tuned in to watch. Thanks for all your feed back.

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