Dear friends,

On Wednesday morning (16/09/2020), I received this email. It was sad news for a studentship (scholarship) I applied for. This studentship had a £5,500 value. While it is important to celebrate the wins (as I always do), it is also important to acknowledge the significance of failures and disappointments.

AAP’s rejection email

It would be hypocritical of me to claim that celebrating failures is an easy process. In fact, some failures can sink one into depression. However, when you unlock the transformative power of celebrating your failures, it will launch you into a new phase of growth.

Failure presents us with the opportunity to grow by doing something differently. Not being selected for this studentship has simply increased my hunger to apply again next year and also apply for many others as I continue on my academic and professional path.

“Failing does not entirely mean that you did not get it right, failing means that you have learned a new way of not doing something- Failing is GROWTH” (AAP, 2020).