December 30, 2023

Dear friends,

Each time I write a piece, the crucial reason is to inspire and motivate someone towards growth. Reading the comments is an indication that a few people are inspired. It is humbling for me when people draw inspiration from my stories.

I get messages from friends, family and many people through comments and my inbox across my social media platforms. I appreciate you all.

Today while studying, an email came in and the person tagged it “PATHWAY TO GREATNESS”. It was a very catchy subject and I thought perhaps my school was gonna award me my PhD already. Lol. Anyway, it came from a friend whom I went to the same secondary school and University. He asked to be anonymous so I have shielded his identity. He took his time to remind me of our past conversations and how it has played a huge role in his growth. I guess that’s why his email had an amazing subject. I had forgotten most of the conversations but I am glad he reminded me today.

The pathway to success

He concluded by praying for me and my family. I appreciate him for sending this email and I appreciate everyone who thinks in the same way. As long as the ink keeps flowing, we will keep encouraging each other towards growth.

I also draw inspiration from many here. I will keep writing.

NOTE: When you read his feedback, you will understand why I will smile all week.😀🙏Thanks🙏