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First letter to my mother in 12 years

December 24, 2023

Dear Mother (Aunty 1/Diva Mag)❤,

How are you and how are things up there? I am hoping you have gained so much weight now. You have always loved food; little wonder I took after you.

Forgive me for writing so late to you, (precisely 12 years later) but I had to wait until I had something to write about. What would a 16-year-old who saw his mother suffer till her last day write? Watching you suffer daily on that hospital bed made me make silent prayers to God to take you so you could rest. The hospital bed was your home, it became your office, and even your restroom until you finally left. You were a beautiful woman. You radiated kindness and love. A lover and mother to many. You were a woman full of life but during your last days, your ribs could be counted from a mile away because your ill health had sucked you up. The breast I had suckled had gone, not from old age but from pain☹. You had been reduced to rubble.☹

Mummy AAP

If I had written you earlier, what would I have written about, all these pains? No mum. I had to take in until I was ready. I did write you a eulogy for the first-time last year, I am sure you read it. Did it make sense?

While others celebrate the birthdays of their mothers, I get to celebrate your death day. Sadly, I never knew your birthday because you were busy celebrating mine. Oh! Before I forget, your husband, my father followed suit 5 years after you, so I get to mark 2 death days, isn’t that so much sadness? I am sure you guys have met up there, but you never can tell (maybe you are in different cities). If you have not, I suggest you find each other.

I know you have been burdened about how I will have survived all these years. Although your death was unfortunate, it came with a fortunate twist.

Yes, I took garri and water to sleep sometimes, Yes, I had to borrow money sometimes because there was no one to run to. I saw my friends eat good food and drive good cars and I wished you were there for me to drive a car too but if you were here, I will be driving YOUR car and not MY car.

Do not get me wrong mum but your death brought out the man in me. It made me realize my potential and sparked up the fire in me. It charged me up and today, I am still growing. By the way, I will be 27 in a few months and I am glad I am still pushing in life. Unfortunately, you won’t be here for my birthday just like the last one you organized for me while in secondary school. I know you are not proud yet because I have not reached where I should be. Mummy, please understand that I am trying my best to make you proud. Hopefully before my letter to you next year, I will have grown past this stage.

Remember I was going to become a priest, but I am now a development worker. I guess God thinks I will make a good husband✌. At least I get to give you grandkids so it’s not entirely bad, init?🤣

So, do not be too hard on yourself for leaving, I am doing very fine now. In fact, I have taken up a title- “A privileged orphan”. I dey see food chop now.🤣

One last thing, I have huge plans and aspirations this year, please help me tell God to consider those prayer points. He might listen to you more since you guys are housemates now.

My stepmothers and step-siblings send their love (they have been supportive) but some of your friends promised me money but till today, I have not seen it o🤣. I forgive them sha. Your brother, Uncle Wilberforce has been a rock (I wish you could thank him).

When I write you next year, I am sure I will have success stories. I am still pushing and its only getting started. I will do my possible best to make you very proud of the son you left behind.

With love, your last and only son,