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December 24, 2023

Dear friends,

I am sure that some of you have heard the saying “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord…”.

This is a saying that is drawn from the Christian Bible in Proverbs 18:22. However, I would love to rephrase this to be “He who finds a GOOD bride, finds treasure and obtains favour forever”. I like to use the word “bride” instead of the word “wife”, so I call Squeezim my bride not wife.😂.

Anyways come with me as I tell you a short story.

In my past post of “who is/are your mentor (s)?”, I had explained to you how I got awarded a prestigious PhD scholarship in Australia. Squeezim then suggested that I travel first and settle down before she joins me. Besides who will want his bride to be stressed out from settling down in a new country? Certainly not me. Lol. So, the trick was when I get settled, she can come over and join me. So, I left Nigeria in July 2019 because I needed to commence my course on 31st July 2019.

Fast forward to the month of August I had secured a house and made new friends who assisted me in settling down into Australia. Particular thanks to Emmanuel O Adewuyi and his family who put a roof over my head and fed me for a few days when I got to Australia. To my HR and closest buddy Ohioneagbo Daniel Ohiorenoya and ofcourse Dapo Olukomaiya and his family who also fed and helped me settle.

Please do not get bored, I am heading to the juicy part of this story. I also made another friend from Sierra Leone called Bangalie Keita. I had just met Bangalie for a few weeks and one day we were talking, and he said to me ” How do you move around Brisbane, I know it is stressful for you”. I replied to him “It is not so hard because I use the bus which is pretty convenient”. Bangalie then said that he will speak to his friend, Prophet Kin Dave who has a car he might not be using and see if he will give me to use for a while. While we were still talking, he called his pastor, and a man who had never met me told us to come get the car whenever we are ready. I thought it was a rumour, but it was happening, and I began to use the car. Imagine a man who does not know you from nowhere risking the sweet car which he bought for his wife as a birthday gift.

L-R: Kin David, AAP and Bangalie

Prophet Kin Dave got to know about Squeezim and he would always ask me when she is coming over. I told him once I was fully settled, she would join me and one day after church service, he told me that he has an important message for Squeezim but he will not tell me until she had arrived Australia. I pleaded he tells me what the message was so I tell her, but he declined.

Fast forward to November 2nd after Squeezim arrived Brisbane. November 3rd was a Sunday, so we went to church because Squeezim wanted to appreciate him for lending me his car to use in the meantime. While service was going on, he called me on stage and in the presence of everyone, he said to me:

“I have been instructed to gift this car to you”. He added that God had instructed him to gift Squeezim the car as soon as she arrived Australia. I will leave you people to decide who owns the car, whether it is Squeezim or me but since Squeezim don’t like driving, I will be her driver until you guys decide. Lol

The massive part of the scenario was when he added: “Aaron I am not giving you this car because I need you to keep coming to this church, you can go anywhere. This is a gift from my heart”

The Car (A BMW)

I did not know if I should cry or dance. Imagine a man who knew you from nowhere gifting you a car he bought for his wife as a birthday gift? Men like this are indeed rare. Being a student, I CANNOT afford such an expensive car even if I saved from my stipends for the next 3years.

Help me say a prayer for Prophet Kin Dave and his wife. The rarity of their kind of heart leaves me speechless till date.

I am still surprised where all these blessings are coming from, but I am sure part of the reason it is happening to me is because “HE WHO FINDS A BRIDE FINDS A TREASURE AND OBTAINS FAVOR FOREVER”.

There are lots of lessons to draw from my story apart from the message about kindness of people and significance of a good bride. I will leave you to extrapolate to your context.

I am sure it is just getting started. What do I even call this? Blessing? favour? Luck? I cannot seem to find the right word.

Just look at the car guys. It’s a massive BMW that gets switched on by simply touching a button. Damn!!! Are you just looking? Jump on your feet and tap into this blessing jor…😀

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