December 30, 2023

Dear friends,

It was the year 2006, I was the senior prefect (Head Boy) at St. John Bosco Secondary School Doma, Nasarawa State. As a senior prefect (the only prefect with a red beret) and the number one student in the school, I commanded so much power and respect, yet I had not completely figured it out. I was “NOT SURE” what I wanted to do after school, I was not sure where my life was headed. I simply kept climbing.

AAP as Senior prefect in secondary school

I had lost my mother at this time but I did not know I will lose my father too.
I did not know I will not get into University immediately after graduation.
I did not know I will become a Community Development Worker.
I did not know I will go on to win numerous international scholarships.
I did not know a lot of things.
All I did was keep climbing my ladder of life.

Where are you now?
Why are beating yourself too hard for not having a job?
Why are you angry at yourself for not having secured the contract?
Why are you upset that you are still unmarried and your friends are?
Why are you upset that you have not secured that scholarship yet?

It is human to be upset and angry. It is a necessary feeling that elicits the passion to keep you hungry for personal growth.

Keep climbing your ladder of life.

As long as you are still on the ladder, you will get to the top.
Do not fall off your ladder. Keep climbing.

NOTE: Before you talk about my shoes and trousers, just know that I had a terrible fashion designer then and did not have a wardrobe allowance. I ended up sacking him.😀

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