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December 30, 2023

In 2006, while in secondary school, I was appointed the Senior Prefect or Head boy of my secondary school (St. John Bosco Secondary School Doma, Nasarawa State, Nigeria). It meant that I was the number 1 student in the school😀. I totally enjoyed my time steering the affairs of the students.

I admit that in certain instances, I may have hurt many people during my tenure but I may have touched lives in my little way.

On Saturday I woke up to this beautiful message. Although I cannot recall what the scenario was, I am glad I was privileged to be in a position to influence his life positively. I was humbled to see that he returned with thanks. He said, “You spoke kindly and softly to my ears”.

A message to AAP

As you go about your daily lives, remain deliberate about touching the lives of others in whatever way you can.
In my case, I sat him under a tree and spoke to him, 15 years later, it “still rings in his ears”. He has decided to call me a “Counsellor”😀. His words humbled me.

Whatever spot you are in life, you may have the power to touch the lives of others. Never assume you cannot.

It may be a chat under a tree.
It may be a reply to a message in your DM.
It may be money.
It may be a phone call.
It may be that you supported someone to get a job or scholarship.
It may be that you helped review an essay.
It may be a smile.
It may be your story that you shared.
It may be anything.

No matter how small you think your deed is, No good deed is small.

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