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Passion: what drives you? Keep your dream alive

December 24, 2023

I am not sure I want to define Passion because it is a contextual term that is better relatable with a personal passionate journey.

In 2015, my passion for community development sparked me up and I resolved that I wanted to get a graduate degree in Public Health and nothing else. Then I initiated a stream of applications to both Nigerian and foreign schools. How I was going to fund myself remained a mystery, but my passion kept me craving. I recall my night trips to Zaria, port Harcourt and Illorin, all futile.

I needed to write the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination and as usual, I was broke and sought to run to where I always did-My uncle (Ohh!! Bless him)

Aaron: Good evening Uncle, I want to write an exam for one of my applications and I am cash-strapped, please can you lend me some money? (I had to use the borrowing line. lol)

Uncle: How much do you need (he thought it’s the usual 1k I come to ask for sometimes, then I gave him the shocker)

Aaron: #60,000

Uncle: WHAT?? So, when you write this exam, will you get the scholarship?

Aaron: No sir, it is just to boost my chances and I have come too far with the application to back down

Uncle: Okay, I don’t have up to that, but I will see what I can do.

He sourced for part of the money and gave me, and I proceeded to take a loan to complete it.

Imagine borrowing such an amount without knowing if you will be successful-my passion was driving me

Hold up! Did I mention that I also borrowed money to process my international passport? I was almost developing a skill for borrowing🤣.

I know all this is not making sense to you just like my uncle, stay with me, it is about to get exciting.

Few months after my application, my positive dilemma and confusion came. I was to make a choice of being fully sponsored for my M.Sc. by the United Kingdom (UK) government or the World Health Organization (WHO). What a positive confusion?

Remember my drive- my passion.

Fast forward to 12 months later, my passion kept me going and it heightened when my certificate came and I had graduated with a DISTINCTION in M.Sc. Public Health- Health Promotion (I am sure my uncle is proud he gave me part of the money to take that exam, it has all made sense to him now. Lol)

AAP at graduation with MSPH (Distinction)

Introspectively, this is what I am absolutely sure of, I have not arrived at where my passion is taking me to, but I am excited at where I am headed.

What is your passion? Does it seem senseless to you now that with all your efforts, nothing is happening? Maybe you think you are a failure? (Refer to my post on the beauty of failure).

What is your passion? Music, painting, dancing, writing, acting, tailoring, or schooling? Stay with that passion because one thing I am sure of is that you will finally get your chance.

I am not saying this as an expert or because I have the best experience, but I am sure if I did not get awarded the scholarship when I tried, I knew I would have tried again until I saw the light.

It could get absolutely frustrating but if you will allow yourself to be guided by your passion, you will get there. It is only a matter of time.


“Where there is a will, there is a way”

Stay Passionate and GODful

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