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After over 3 years of conducting my PhD research among persons with disabilities living with HIV in Nigeria (PWDLHIV), today I successfully completed my last milestone, which is called a “FINAL SEMINAR” at QUT (Queensland University of Technology).

The final seminar provided a platform for me to present my PhD research to academics, colleagues and an expert panel. The aim was for me to receive feedback from the expert panel on areas I could improve my work before it is lodged for examination.

AAP’s slides
AAP making his presentation

My presentation was entitled “Double wahala for dead body: Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among persons with disabilities living with HIV in Nigeria. My 40-minute condensed presentation was drawn from the 91,800 words and 265-page thesis document that contained my work over the last 3+ years.

My panel comprised my two amazing supervisors, Dr. Julie Anne King and Dr. Jo Durham, Professor Amy Mullens and Dr. David Brain.

It was humbling to listen to fantastic feedback about my thesis and presentation. Professor Mullens used the word “Sophisticated” to describe my thesis document and presentation.

It was exciting to receive very detailed feedback from the panel about improving my written thesis.

Overall, I have more work to do to improve the quality of my thesis before I lodge it for examination. Receiving feedback means that my supervisors and panel were invested in ensuring that I put my best foot forward. There is more work to be done before I submit my thesis for examination but I am glad to have completed this final milestone.

At the time of my final seminar, I had 9 research outputs:
(1) 1 published paper from my PhD,
(2) 5 conference presentations in international conferences in Australia and Canada.
(3). 3 publications outside my PhD research.

I look forward to the next few months of more work and learning on my PhD research.

Special thanks to my supervisors for supporting me to this point in my candidature.

I am also grateful to my girls, Squeezim, Zoe and Zita, who give me reasons to push daily.

Squeezim (Ezinne) and the girls

Thanks to my friends and colleagues who were present in person and online to support me today.

A day to celebrate, indeed.