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December 24, 2023

I like to think that my life and supposed growth is as a result of the influence and support of many people. I literally would not even be here today without the love and support of family and friends. However, it is no secret that the person who stands tall on the list is my bride, my Squeezim. A woman specially built for only exploits.

Today is not about me. It is about publicly celebrating a major achievement of my bride. She struck again. After countless hours of studying, working, and interning, she passed all requirements and is licensed to practice as a Pharmacist in Australia. For those who have taken any kind of professional exam, you can appreciate how hard she must have studied.

Ezinne Reading hard
Ezinne Reading hard

Squeezim studied HARDDDDD. In the many months of preparing, she was also present for us all. We never felt her absence. Although the girls will once in a while interrupt her study time as you can see in the pictures😀. I still do not know where she got the strength to pull this off. There were so many forces acting against her but Squeezim conquered.

Squeezim being interrupted by her girls while studying
Studying in the dining area

While she studied, instead of supporting her, I was taking pictures in preparation for this post😀. Silly me. I knew she would make it. She is a true winner. As you can see, there was no part of the house she did not study, the bed, dining table, couch, the floor in the lounge, under the study table. Literally everywhere except of course the bathroom😀.

Squeezim catching some sleep after a reading marathon

Squeezim is not a social media person but I told her I took lots of pictures, some of which she has not seen but will see for the first time on this post😀.

Thanks, baby for being a solid example and role model to our girls.

And before anybody says I should go and spoil you for this huge win, please help me tell them that na only talk I sabi talk, I just sabi explain, no evidence. But I promise that once I hammer, I will spoil you silly. For now, manage the English😀.

Friends, Squeezim is a complete package, tall, beautiful, lekpa shandy, and intelligent. A woman who does not only bring things to the table, SHE BRINGS THE WHOLE TABLE.

Just when it looked impossible, SQUEEZIM STRUCK AGAIN.

Congratulations Mammi.

You are the real Odogwu