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December 24, 2023

Dear Squeezim my bride,

I have written so many stories and notes about you and to you in the past year and since yesterday I have been massively thinking of what to do to blow your mind on this ordained day but my head remained blank because with you, one has to be calculative. I called up a few friends for ideas but still got no help. In fact, I had to watch some YouTube videos for some birthday tips, yet no help came. I wonder why YouTube will do this to me at this time. Interestingly, because I had watched too many romantic movies, I even thought of breakfast in bed but after much argument with myself, I convinced myself to hold back on this plan because you love your sleep and won’t want to wake you with food that you can eat later when you wake up😀.


This is what I get for being with an intelligent bride. The brilliance you exude needs proper research if one must give you an amazing birthday. If you were a flashy Slay queen, it would have been a cake bite for me because once I get a teddy bear and perhaps chocolate, I am sorted, but when your bride is one who slays with her brains and hard work, it becomes even more difficult.

Biko do not think that these are all excuses to not surprise you but remember that time before we got married, because you knew I loved being loud, you warned me seriously not to do a public engagement if I had such plans. 😀. Because of that we didn’t even have an engagement we just quietly got married. You always want things done quietly.

Although it might be difficult pulling off a surprise today which is the first of your birthday we celebrate as a couple, be assured that it will be a happy day. Waking up beside your beautiful face was heavenly. Being with you has challenged me in many positive ways and because of you, my life has transformed massively.

On this 6th day of November 2019, I pray for more happiness over your life. I wish you all the drive and wisdom as you ride through your dreams. I also pray for strength over your groom (AAP) to continue to support you through rising to the very top. The vision is clear my bride, you are heading to the very top and I am glad to ride with you. All the prayers we said this morning have been answered so just keep doing you and enjoy the exponential growth coming. See you at the top baby.

Happy Birthday Squeezim

Your groom,