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December 30, 2023

In 2006, while I was in secondary school. Just a year before I graduated, I lost my precious mother. She was my world. I loved her ridiculously but life had to go on.

In 2011, while in my 3rd year in University for my first degree. Just a year before I graduated, I lost my precious father. He was my rock. He was my shield. I loved him massively but life had to go on. However, something changed. I was now an orphan.

Shortly after my dad’s burial, I was awarded a scholarship I applied for. That was to become the turnaround of the poor orphan. There were nights when dinner was garri, sugar, and groundnut.

I graduated, I volunteered, I worked and in 2016 I got awarded another scholarship to undertake my master’s degree. It became clear to me that I had become a “Privileged Orphan”. My life could have turned out worse but I remained Godful and hopeful and the story changed.

It is 2020 and I am still studying on a full-ride scholarship. The privileged orphan is still climbing. My life is evidence that your title can change in one night. This is why I share my stories. So when you read them, you know that tomorrow is bright. This is why I keep revealing the tricks to winning scholarships. Who says we cannot all win? My knowledge is worthless if it is not shared.

Your scenario might be different but rest assured, all that is happening is simply sharpening you up for what is ahead. Hang in there.

Until we all win, No one has won.

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