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Few years ago, I had big dreams of wanting to secure a scholarship.

Then in 2011, while in my 3rd year in University, I got awarded the Total Scholarship. Immediately after that, I began to fantasize about a scholarship abroad. In 2016, I got awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship for an M.Sc in the UK. After my M.Sc together with the support of my bride (Squeezim), I secured a PhD Scholarship in Australia. I am still here and who knows what is next?

Among many of the struggles I speak and write about, winning scholarships was one of my evident struggles.
I have lost parents, I have failed to secure jobs/scholarships. It is an endless struggle.

As beings, we all live a life of struggle.

Our daily desires to grow or succeed simply exposes us to a different layer of struggle. It never ends. We are insatiable beings.

I may not know what your current struggle is but what I know is that if you have the courage to navigate through it, you will be exposed to another layer of struggle but you will become better.

Do not be hasty to wish for the kind of life your friend has because although it may appear beautiful, the struggle may be ugly.

Let us be reminded today that our struggle never really ends, it only changes its face and return to make us better beings.

Run your race, embrace your struggle and stay prepared for the next. It never ends but you will keep growing.

The plan is: “Keep struggling but keep growing”

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2 Comments on “THE STRUGGLE”

  1. Courage! Yes.
    I wonder why I never used to think of scholarship as an actual, viable thing?!!!! Kai!
    Thank God for your Squeezim…that pet name though, makes me wonder how it came about. 🙂

    1. Scholarship changed my life forever. That name is a story for another day. lol but I thank God for Squeezim.

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