December 24, 2023

Dear mum,

I cannot believe it is 14years already? How are you and how are things up there? I am guessing you know your way around now. I was told it is beautiful there but considering how smart you were, I am optimistic that you have carved a niche for yourself already. I apologise that this is only the 2nd time I am writing since you switched homes. I am sure you understand because it is such a busy and restless life down here.

Baby AAP and his late mother, Magdalene

The last time I wrote to you 2 years ago in 2018. I mentioned to you about my plans in that year. Sadly, some of those plans did not work out but guess what? A majority of them worked out. I failed in some plans, but I won in some, but the thing is mum, you know anytime I write you, I always have news for you. Alot has happened in 2years but where do I start from? The good news or the bad news? I am sorry I will strategically begin with the bad one so that just when you begin to cry, I will slam you with the good news and quash the heat for you.

You are not gonna like the first one mum, one of my amazing stepmothers, Grace died last year😭. She became so sick too and gave up the ghost. She was in so much pains too until she left. I am just glad that I already had the emotional intelligence to bear the pain. Unlike when you died, I was such a young kid and it was not a good sight for a kid to watch his mum suffer daily and deteriorate to a point where he could visibly count her ribs without struggling. Anyways, I am consoled that you guys will meet soon that is if you have not met already. I know it is such a big country up there. Before I forget, hope you and dad have hooked up? Its 3 of you up there now. Be sure to have fun. Okay before you go all crying on me, I have got some good news too.

In the same year, your little boy got married, YES!! you heard right, I am married, you remember in my last letter, I called you a name “Diva Mag”. The lady I married named you that. Mum you need to see this lady, she is ridiculously beautiful, tall like a model, super hardworking and smart. She has some of your qualities. I have attached some pictures for you. I am sure you will love her. She has assisted me to navigate this turbulent world. She only fights me when she wants me to do something right. Isn’t that amazing? The best part is that her mum is my friend, we are best pals. Yeah!! Now wipe off those tears and smile because I know you want to. She is from a place called Nibo in Anambra state. Yes mum, I inter married, I know you would have not had a problem with that if you were here. You always wanted the best for me. Ohh!! Yes!! Her name is Ezinne but I call her Squeezim. I know at some point you wanted me to become a priest, but I think I will make a good father. Lol. I would love to have a girl as my first child and if Squeezim agrees, we could name her after you. That will be nice yeah? I know. You too like better thing.🤣

Just before you go all excited about this news, wait for another one. JUNIOR, your son is now doing a PhD. In a few years, he will be called Dr. Aaron. I know that look mum. I didn’t think I could do it too but Squeezim kept pushing me until I secured a fully funded scholarship in Australia. I am studying for free. How else will I have funded myself? Imagine the little local boy you left. God has been very kind to him. Perhaps because you now share a home with God, you get to put in a word for me. What else could explain all these favors? Thanks mum. I think you should appear in Squeezim’s dream and thank her too.

I am glad you are smiling now. 14 years ago, when you left me, I did not even have a first degree yet, I was in high school and I can only imagine how much you blamed yourself for leaving. Now you can relax, Junior is climbing life steadily. He is not where he wants to be yet, but you know he is a “Privileged Orphan” and will always fight his way through.

Yes!! Your brother Uncle Wilberforce is always there for me. He has been an amazing father. Your co-wife and my stepmother, Sarah always prays for me too. Obviously, I have now added another mother to the list. She is called Catherine; Squeezim’s mother. She allowed me to marry her first Igbo daughter when I did not even have a real job. She took a risk with me there. Please appear in these people’s dreams and thank them for me too.

Mum, I am glad that I had more of good news to share with you this time around. I am glad my letter made you smile. Please keep putting up a word for me up there because that’s all that keeps me winning. I want to keep winning. I want to make you proud because I know I am not doing that now. Please understand, this adulthood is hard o. Lol

I know you have to go back to the business of interceding for me so let me not hold you any longer. Keep smiling mum, Junior is winning. Junior WILL make you proud.

I miss you.
I love you.

Your son,